In Person Approval Form

Updated 6/2/21

Guidance through 3/31 Spring (April 1-May 31st) Summer (Starts June 1st)
Max total Participants
  • Indoors: 10 or fewer at any time regardless of room size
  • Outdoors: 50 or fewer
  • Indoors: up to 50 total participants of 30% of  room occupancy (whichever is smaller) podding for groups over 20
  • Outdoors: up to 150 total podding for groups over 20
Effective June 2:

  • Indoors: no size limits as long as 6 feet distancing is maintained
  • Outdoors: 500 total
Subgroup Podding
  • Indoors: Groups of 10, need separate rooms
  • Outdoors: Groups of 10
  • Indoor: Groups of 20, can be in the same space in large rooms (up to 30% of room occupancy)
  • Outdoors: groups of 20
Effective June 2:

  • Podding is not required for events. Masks are still required if 6 feet can not be maintained.
  • If the group is outdoors masks are not required.
Total Duration of the Program
  • Indoors: 2 hours
  • Outdoors: No specific limit
  • Indoors: 4 hours
  • Outdoors:  No specific Limit
Program Approvals Approval is still needed for all in-person events and activities. Approval is still needed for all in-person events and activities. Pre-approval will not be required unless this is an overnight program.
Mask Requirments Required for ALL programing Required for ALL programing Effective June 2:

  • All fully vaccinated staff, volunteers, and participants are no longer required to wear masks during programs.
  • Individuals who are not fully vaccinated including youth under 12 must continue to wear masks during programs.
  • Masks are required during transportation regardless of vaccination status. Vehicle occupancy is recommended to be no more than 50% capacity.

Read more about the guidelines here.

Here are a couple of other guidelines that don’t have a category above:

  • Participant/group transportation

    • 50% capacity on buses (one person per seat).
    • Dedicated boarding procedures will be established, such as starting at the rear of the vehicle, opposite for exiting.
    • All current safety protocols such as requiring facial coverings and distancing remain in place.
  • Day and overnight camps

    • Upham Woods will be open for day camps this summer. As a UW-Madison facility, Upham Woods is subject to UW System protocols for youth programming, which require testing for overnight camps. Additional accommodations would also be needed. Given this, we’ll be focusing on day camp opportunities. 4-H youth camps can take place at non-UW Madison facilities that agree to follow CDC/American Camp Association safety guidelines.
    • Cohorts of participants will be arranged to attend activities and eat together.
    • Current safety protocols, such as distancing and facial coverings, will remain in place, with a standard facial covering exception for sleeping and eating designated mealtimes following plan protocols.
    • Sleeping arrangements will follow CDC protocols for physical distancing, including cabins at or under 50% capacity and beds spaced 6 feet apart and arranged head to toe.
    • Food is allowed following CDC school lunchroom guidance (social distancing, minimizing time with masks removed, and hygiene) and preferably eaten outside when weather allows.
    • Approvals are handled through a separate pre-approval process to align with CDC and American Camp Association guidelines.


Volunteer Training Video

This video is Required for volunteers who plan to host an in person meeting.


If you have any questions please let me know! I know this form is daunting and I do not expect you to have all of the answers.

Program Approval Form

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