Camp Kinnissippewa

Camp Kinnissippewa 4-H at Kiwanis Scout Camp includes 3 different camp experiences for 4-H members from Buffalo, Pepin, Pierce, & Trempealeau Counties at the beautiful Camp Kiwanis at Marine on St. Croix River!

Camp Kinnissippewa is from June 12-14, 2019!

Camp Counselor Application deadline is March 1, 2019. 

Camper Registration deadline is May 1, 2019.

Below you will find the descriptions of each camp experience and also about information on how to register your camper!  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the 4-H Program Coordinator!

4-H Base Camps

Enjoy an outdoor adventure at the4-H Base Camps.  4-H members will enjoy fellowship with new friends from Western Wisconsin while under the care of high school aged 4-H youth leaders who have been screened and trained. Campers will also have fun participating in teamwork activities with the staff of volunteers, summer interns, nurses and UW‑Extension 4-H Agents.

  • 4-H Explorers Base Camp
    • Open to campers in 3rd & 4th grades (2018-2019 school year)
    • 4-H Base Camp 1 features:
      • Arts & Crafts
      • Nature Activities
      • Music, Drama
      • Interactive Games
      • Swimming & Campfires
      • Archery & Air Rifle
      • Cabin Time to Make New Friends
      • Lots of fun!
  • 4-H Navigators Base Camp
    • Open to campers in 5th & 6th grades (2018-2019 school year)
    • 4-H Base Camp 2 features:
      • Teambuilding Games
      • Climbing Wall & Obstacle Course
      • Variety of Team Sports
      • Canoe Trip & Night Swim
      • Archery & Air Rifle
      • Special Campfires
      • Extra Social Time to Meet New Friends
      • Unique Leadership Activities!

4-H  Adventurers Camp

Enjoy a ‘real’ camping adventure with the opportunity to experience nature and learn new skills related to the outdoors!  There is plenty of time to engage in fellowship with teens from Western Wisconsin. Campers will also have fun participating in teamwork activities with the staff of volunteers, summer interns, nurses and UW‑Extension 4-H Agents.

  • Open to campers in 7th & 8th grades (2018-2019 school year)
  • 4-H Adventure features:
    • Canoe Trip Down St. Croix River
    • Swimming
    • Hiking & Hands on Learning
    • Special Emphasis on Nature
    • Leadership Building Experience
    • Sleeping in a Tent
    • Orienteering
    • Water Quality & Weather Science
    • Teamwork Games & Social Time
    • Outdoor Campfire Cooking!

Camp Quick Information

  • Register through 4HOnline
  • Cost is $120 per camper.  This is due to the UW Extension Office within two weeks of online registration.
  • 4-H Camp Transportation and Hours:
    • Campers will need to arrive at camp by 1:00 PM on the first day and will depart at 1:00 PM on the last day of camp.
    • Camp is located north of Stillwater, MN on Highway 95, and the phone number for the cmap is 651-433-2801
    • Pick up/drop off locations are Ellsworth Courthouse, Somerset Exit #4, and Durand.  The pick up/drop off is chosen when you register

How to Register for 4-H Camp Kinnissippewa:

  1. Login to your 4HOnline family account
  2. Go to your My Member List
  3. Scroll down the page
  4. Under Register a Member In An Event, select your child’s name from the dropdown box under Member, then select 4-H Camp Kinnissippewa
  5. Under Registration Types, look to the right side and click on Register
  6. Fill out the form and continue through screens to register
  7. Please note – Payment cannot ne made online.  On the payment screen the only selection is County/Club 4H Check
  8. Click on Select Payment Method putton
  9. On the Confirm screen, check the box agreeing to the Pay by Computer Terms and Conditions
  10. Click Confirm Order button
  11. On the final screen you can print your entry.  Follow the invoice instructions for submitting payment.


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