Youth Travel Opportunities

4-H offers youth multiple amazing opportunities to travel beyond their county lines and to gain new experiences.  There is something for youth starting in 6th grade and above – and even for 4-H adult leaders!  All of the Wisconsin 4-H educational travel opportunities can be found, with extra details about each opportunity, on the state website located HERE.

County Guidelines to Apply for Scholarships for Trips:

To encourage participation in these opportunities, the Trempealeau County Leader’s Board offers scholarships for youth to attend and participate in educational experiences (trips) and state teams.  Scholarships are offered as a way to provide financial support to youth for continued educational purposes in 4-H.  The Trempealeau County Leaders Association looks to provide trip and state team scholarships up to and including 50% of basic enrollment costs.

In order to recieve a scholarship to go on a trip outside of the county you must complete THE FOLLOWING APPLICATION PROCESS:

In order to go on a trip or award you must complete the following application process:

  1. Complete the Scholarship for Trips and State Teams Application found on the Forms and Applications page.
  2. Complete ONE of the following media options to be considered for the trips and/or state teams of your choice:
  3. Attend the October Leader’s Board meeting for trip interviews.
    • You should come ready to answer questions about how you will be prepared for the trip, why you wish to attend the trip, what you hope to gain from the experience, and how you will share what you have learned when you return.
    • The Leader’s Board meets on the 4th Monday of the month and to find out the exact date, time, and location of the event check out the 4-H Leaders’ Association page.
  4. Obtain one letter of reference
    • This needs to be from a 4-H related source that can speak to your involvement in 4-H.  Often times this letter is from the Club General Leader
  5. Submit application, media form of choice, and letter of reference by October 1st (postmarked by this date if mailing) to the Extension Office. No late applications will be accepted after October 1st.

Personal interviews will be conducted at the October Leader’s Board Meeting.  If you are not able to attend the October meeting, arrangements can be made for an alternative interview time, or via phone or video during the meeting time.  All interviews must be completed prior to the November Leader’s Board Meeting.

State, National, and International Trip Opportunities & Descriptions:

Below includes the different educational experiences that are offered, a little bit about them, the dates, and the age group that can attend.  When more information becomes available about the applications and registration it will be posted in the 4-H Flyer newsletter, bi-weekly emails, or on the Jackson County Extension Facebook page.

  • Wisconsin 4-H & Youth Conference: Wisconsin 4-H & Youth Conference is a three and a half day Statewide Educational Experience. Youth from all over Wisconsin come to Madison, Wisconsin for educational seminars, assemblies, speakers, exploration, and fun on the UW-Madison campus! Youth Conference is made possible by contributions from our State Teams (Wisconsin Leadership Council, Drama Company, Art Team, and Communications team), 4-H staff from across the state, and a planning committee made up of staff, volunteers, and youth. Below you will find highlights of the different parts of Youth Conference that come together to make it a wonderful Educational Experience.
  • Space Camp:  Space Camp is just what you think it is – it’s a camp experience where you learn and experience a ton of different aspects about life as an astronaut, working at NASA, and exploring places beyond Earth! Wisconsin 4-H Space Camp participants experience the Pathfinder Program. The Pathfinder Program is a 3 day experience where youth participate in a variety of simulated space activities.
    • Generally takes place at the end of April
    • There is an application process for this camp. Registration takes place November through December and then in January delegates are notified by the State 4-H Office if they are selected or wait-listed (limit of approximately 120 delegates).
    • For grades 6-8
    • Direct Link for more information:
  • Citizenship Washington Focus: Citizenship Washington Focus, or CWF for short, is the premier week long 4-H citizenship and leadership experience. CWF brings 4-H delegations from all over the country to stay in the National 4-H Conference Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland, right outside our Nation’s Capital! Participants learn about the roles of Senators and Representatives in the United States’ government and how these parts work together to form an effective Congress. Additionally, youth get to see and experience government in action by meeting with their State’s members of Congress and watching a House of Representatives meeting. Delegates also participate in various educational workshops.
  • National 4-H Congress: National 4-H Congress is a five-day Educational Experience held in Atlanta, GA. Congress is the premiere nation-wide event for 4-Hers to network with others from around the country, Canada, and Puerto Rico. While at Congress, 4-Hers engage in leadership, citizenship, global awareness, and inclusion.  Here are just some of the activities delegates will partake in while at National Congress: educational workshops, exploring the city, state and congress-wide meetings, international events, community service, educational tours, world-renowned speakers, and the National 4-H Congress Gala.
  • National 4-H Conference: National 4-H Conference annually brings 4-H youth and adults from around the nation to work towards strengthening and expanding the 4-H Youth Development program at the local, state, and national levels. National 4-H Conference is the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture’s premier youth development opportunity to engage youth in developing recommendations for the 4-H Youth Development Program. The National 4-H Headquarters is charged with sharing the recommendations that emerge from the conference with the Secretary of Agriculture, National Extension Program Leaders, and others who determine 4-H programs. At the same time, the conference is a rich and meaningful experience for the youth and adult participants. Held at the National 4-H Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland, it’s usually scheduled around the beginning of April. Last year, there were approximately 350 delegates, including seven from Wisconsin.
  • International Opportunities to host or to travel: Wisconsin 4-H International Programs emphasizes the 4-H values of belonging and understanding through international exchange. In today’s ever changing world the skill of global citizenship becomes more and more important all the time. Help the youth in your community build bridges and connect with others from around the world!
    • You can participate in any of the following:
      • Homestay Abroad
      • Host for One Month
      • Host for an Academic Year
    • For more direct information about international opportunities please refere to the following website:

In-County Opportunities:

  • 4-H Camp Kinnissippewa:  This generally takes place in June at Kiwanis Scout Camp in Minnesota.  Youth will explore, learn, and have fun with youth from Pierce, Pepin, and Buffalo counties in this camp experience.
    • Registration generally opens in February and closes in April
    • For more information check out the website HERE.
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