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Cooking with Preschoolers:

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Cocinen juntos en Espanol – Cooking with Preschoolers Spanish

Food$ense Newsletter July-Sept 2016

$entido común alimenticio Julio – Septiembre 2016


Food$ense Apr-June 2016 Trempealeau County WNEP

$entido común alimenticio Abril-Mayo-Junio 2016

Food $ense Newsletter January to March 2016

$entido común alimenticio en espanol Enero—Febrero—Marzo 2016


Make Celebrations Fun, Healthy and Active:

Food $ense Newsletter:  

Kids, Tweens and Teens Nutrition Websites


My Plate Blast Off Game:

Fuel Up Track and Field Game

Kids Health

NSF Scrub Club

Fight BAC!


Food Safety Links:

Fight BAC! Be Food Safe

Gateway to U.S. Government food safety information

Food Safety & Health (UW EXtension food safety and food preservation information

National Center for Home Food Preservation (University of Georgia)

Additional Nutrition Education information can be found at:

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