Project Boxes

Project Boxes give children of all ages a hands-on introduction to the world of STEM. By engaging kids in science, technology, engineering, and math early, they can discover an interest in these subjects that will last long after the lesson has ended. Project Boxes aim to spark this passion through interactive activities, problem-solving, and experimental learning.

Each box includes everything needed to explore one area of science, from robots to chemistry and much more. With dozens of boxes, it is easy to find something interesting that isn’t in most traditional classrooms. These boxes can be used by educators in schools, libraries, 4-H clubs, and other organizations and events that work with youth.

To request a project box, fill out the Project Box Request Form at this link. For more information about Project Boxes or other STEM programs from the Extension, please contact the Youth and Family Educator.

Featured Project Boxes:

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Lasers and Light

Code & Go Mice

Snap Circuits

All Project Boxes

Animal Tracks

Catapults Code & Go Robot Mice
Crime Scene Investigation Escape Room Kitchen Chemistry
Lasers and Light    Lego Robotics Little Bits Electronics
Magnets Marble Roller Coasters Marble Magnetic Tracks
Owl Pellets Ozobot Robots Paleontology and Geology
Pollinator Science Raspberry Pi Computers Rocketry
Simple Machines Snap Circuit Electronics Soil Science
Toothbrush Robots Volcanoes Water Science
  Wind Energy  

Other Available Tools

Bingo Set Flip Chart Easel Ipads
Laptop Projector Projector Screen  

If you have any questions at all please contact the Youth and Family Educator or the Support Staff at the Trempealeau County Extension Office.