4-H Projects

There are over 100 different 4-H Projects that youth can participate in, explore, and show at the fair.  From animal science to hiking, citizenship to gardening, STEM to theater, there are so many ways that you can get involved and so many opportunities to try something new!  A ‘project’ is simply a topic that you can explore.

If you’d like to learn more about the different projects you can explore please visit the Wisconsin 4-H Projects Page.

Once you have found the projects that interest you be sure to sign up for them in your 4HOnline account.  You can try new projects whenever you like, but April 1st is the project sign-up deadline if you want to show it in the fair.  Also, some projects, such as animal projects, have additional requirements to show at the fair.  It is important that you talk with your project leader so you can meet the requirements to show at the fair.

It should also be noted that there are different activities/events hosted for some projects throughout the year that are different from the fair.  These include, but are not limited to, events such as the 4-H Foods Revue and Ashley for the Arts Event.

Click on the links below to learn more about some of the different projects that Trempealeau County has to offer.  Please note: These are NOT the only projects you can take when you become a part of Trempealeau County 4-H, but are some of the projects that require more explanation.

The Trempealeau County 4-H Dog Project is led by volunteers and consists of obedience, showmanship, and agility.  If youth would like to participate in the Fair then they are required to attend a specific number of these training classes before the fair.  In order to attend the classes you must have all of the correct paperwork and veterinary paperwork completed and turned in.

Obedience classes are offered by the County 4-H Dog Project leaders for both 4-H club members enrolled in the dog project and the general public.  Anyone interested is encouraged to attend.

4-H Dog Project Class Schedule:

Generally, the Dog Project in Trempealeau County starts ramping up around March.  It starts with an informational class to learn more about the project, and schedule for the year, and to turn in the proper paperwork to ensure animal safety.

The 2024 obedience class schedule will come out in the spring. Watch the newsletter for current information.

Equipment Needed for Obedience Class:

The equipment needed for the class will be a 6-ft. leather or cotton web lead and a correctly sized
nylon or chain training collar. The cotton web leads can be purchased at class for $5.00 each; training collars are also available in all sizes for $5.00. Anyone participating in agility is required to have a buckle collar without any tags attached to the collar.

Please bring a copy of your current vaccination records with you to the first class – we are required to keep a
copy for our records. All dogs must have distemper, rabies, and parvovirus shots.

Contact Information:

The Dog Project has a few leaders that you can contact if you have questions.  The information can be found here:

  • Sandy Sygulla at (715) 538-2331
  • Vicky Schultz at (608) 539-5876
  • Judy Betker at (608) 989-2386
  • Becky Poulos at (715) 538-1444
  • Megan Poulos at (715) 797-3978
  • For agility information contact Jenny Brandt at (507) 313-5206

The Dog Project has a Facebook page where they post information to keep project members up-to-date on all the need-to-know information.  This page is updated very often and is a great resource for those interested in the project.

Information For Resources:

Below you will find some links to resources and opportunities for you in the Dog Project.  Feel free to check them out for more information about your project area and to increase your education!

The Trempealeau County Horse Project is an active project group that meets year-round and works to enrich its members’ horse knowledge.

Leader Contact Information

Name: Becky Hynes

Phone Number: 608-865-1038

Email: bnbranch12001@yahoo.com 

Horse Project Resources



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