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Trempealeau County Shooting Sports project generally takes place in the winter months (somewhere between January and March), while the registration to be a part of the program and classes takes place in late fall to early winter.  Different categories for shooting sports classes can be offered, if we have certified shooting sports volunteers in that category.  Wisconsin 4-H Shooting Sports leaders may be certified in the following categories: archery, coorindator, muzzleloarder, pistol, rifle, and shotgun disciplines.

Generally we have archery classes for shooting sports here in Trempealeau County.  We often offer two different archery programs and ask that youth sign up for the class that best first their skills.  Class offerings generally include: a fundamentals class for learning and practicing the basics of archery, and then an advanced class for more experienced archers to practice their skills.  In the most recent years these classes have taken place from 1 PM – 4:30 PM on Sundays at the Ettrick Rod & Gun Club and generally run for 6 weeks.  The Fair Shoot is the last event of the program, week 7, and before you can participate in the Fair Shoot the Trempealeau County Fair requires youth must pay their $7 entry fee to the fair before the Fair Shoot takes place.  They can pay online by going to the Fair Website, Choosing ‘More’, and then going to the ‘Fair Store‘ to find the correct category.  Payment is submitted online.

Contact Information:

Shootings Sports is a volunteer-led project. Currently Trempealeau County is looking for a couple of volunteers to lead the program. Trempealeau County have all of the equipment and excited youth, all we need is you! If you or someone you know is interested in teaching Archery and other life skills please feel free to contact Andrea 4-H Program Educator for more information.


Work Phone: 715-538-3451

Becoming a Shooting Sports Leader:

A Wisconsin 4-H Shooting Sports Leader may be certified in the following: archery, coordinator, muzzleloader, pistol, rifle and shotgun disciplines. Leaders may only teach in the discipline in which they are certified. An adult leader cannot provide hands-on or safety instruction without a certified leader supervising the range. In order to become a shooting sports leader you must first complete a one online workshop to get certified. Next they will participate  in an in-person training for the discipline of their choice.  For more information about becoming a shooting sports leader, workshop overviews, and the workshops offered check out the Wisconsin State 4-H Shooting Sports website HERE.

The certification workshops do cost money to attend and there are some other steps that need to be completed to be a 4-H volunteer so please speak with the 4-H Program Educator in Trempealeau County to let them know that you are interested and get more information about ways to fund the workshop and other steps that need to be completed.

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