About 4-H

What does the 4-H Program offer in Trempealeau County?

The positive development of our young people is our highest priority; the most effective way to accomplish this is through our 4-H Community Clubs where the resources and educational programs of the University of Wisconsin are made available to Trempealeau County families. Major programming centers around:

Highlights of current efforts include:

  • Strengthening 4-H Community Clubs to provide a strong sense of belonging and community for youth and their families
  • Working with Project Leaders through problem-solving and project workshops to best utilize the educational resources and programs of the University of Wisconsin Department of Youth Development
  • Providing opportunities for youth to develop leadership skills 1) by serving as members and officers on the Trempealeau County 4-H Leaders’ Board and 2) by attending one of nine club officer training sessions offered each year
  • Strengthening the 4-H Leaders’ Association by developing the teaching and leadership skills of adult volunteers
  • Offering four New Leader Orientations annually to help adult volunteers contribute more effectively to the 4-H Program
  • Working closely with our nine County schools and thirteen environmental educators to present an effective annual 7th Grade Environmental Day
  • Working closely with our nine County schools and personnel at Lock and Dam #6, the Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge and Perrot State Park to educate annually our County’s 8th Graders about the impact these three unique County locations exert upon our environment
  • Working closely with the Trempealeau County Agricultural Society to assure an annual County Fair that adequately showcases the efforts of our County’s youth.
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