Forms and Applications

There is always a lot going on throughout the year when it comes to the 4-H program, and hopefully this page will provide you with a one-stop-shop for all of the forms and applications that you should need.  If any 4-H clubs or projects would like forms and applications added to this page, or updated, please contact the 4-H Program Coordinator.

General Forms (For Camps)

Camp Kinnissippewa Forms

Care to Share Form:

This form offers Trempealeau County 4-Hers the opportunity to describe the issue, explain why it’s a problem, suggest a solution and submit it for consideration. All completed forms must include a possible solution and a member, leader or parent signature. Forms are submitted to  the 4-H Program Coordinator, who then forwards it to the appropriate group for consideration.

Charter Forms:

4-H Charters are very important for a 4-H Club, or chartered project, to have completed.  This process should not be taken lightly and should involve all members of the 4-H club.  It is a great opportunity to go over your club’s goals and to work as a team.  Below includes some helpful information for your club in completing the charter process.  Charters and the Annual Financial paperwork are now available on the state website. Use the link below.


Club Treasurer Forms

Donation Forms

If a 4-H Club or Group is chartered that means that paperwork is filed by the 4-H Program Coordinator so that they remain a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Through being a 501(c)3 this means that donations given to chartered 4-H clubs or groups are tax deductable.  Below you will find a sample donation record and reciept form and a sample tax donation letter reciept that you should utilize if your chartered 4-H club or group recieves a donation.

Educational Events Form:

For various different projects there are extra requirements that the youth involved in the project need to participate in.  One of those extra requirements is YQCA and the other often proof of attendance at extra educational events.  Use the form below for your proof of attendance at these extra educational events.

Fair Project Entries:

Below are some extra resources to assist with signing up for fair projects.

Funding Request Information:

The Trempealeau County 4-H Leaders Executive Board includes money in their budget to help defray some costs of 4-H educational trips or activities in which Trempealeau County 4-H members and leaders participate. The amount the Association is able to contribute in a given year depends on the success of fund raising efforts, the amounts spent in other budget areas, and the number of applicants and level of requests.

A “Funding Request Form” has been developed for use when an individual or group is requesting monetary support. Only 4-H Sponsored Events will be considered for reimbursement. Use of the form will provide a consistent, concise approach for obtaining information. Once the Committee engages in discussion relative to the request, the requester may be asked to leave the meeting and will be notified by email of the Committee’s decision.

Horse Project Forms:

The Trempealeau County Horse project does a variety of different events throughout the year.  The forms below will assist you if you are involved in the Horse Project.

Key Award Forms:

The Wisconsin 4-H Key Award Program recognizes a select group of 4-H participants who have demonstrated consistent growth in their 4-H involvement, developed and applied their leadership skills and actively participated in the functions of their 4-H club and community.

  • Who is eligible? Youth in 10th grade or older who have completed three years of club work and one year of youth leadership
  • When/where is it? It is presented at the Trempealeau County Fair
  • Why apply? In addition to being recognized for your outstanding 4-H career, each Key Award recipient receives a framed certificate and a Key Award pin
  • How do you apply?  In order to receive the 4-H Key Award you must complete an application process.  Follow the steps in the application process below:
    • Complete the Scholarship for the Key Award Application found here: Key Award Application – Updated 2019
    • Complete ONE of the following media options to be considered for the Key Award of your choice:
    • Attend the October Leader’s Board meeting for trip interviews.
      • You should come ready to answer questions about your 4-H experience and how you will utilize your 4-H experience in the future.
      • The Leader’s Board meets on the 4th Monday of the month and to find out the exact date, time, and location of the event check out the 4-H Leaders’ Association page.
    • Obtain one letter of reference
        • This needs to be from a 4-H related source that can speak to your involvement in 4-H.  Often times this letter is from the Club General Leader
    • Submit application, media form of choice, and letter of reference by October 1st (postmarked by this date if mailing) to the Extension Office. No late applications will be accepted after October 1st.

Personal interviews for the 4-H Key Award will be conducted at the October Leader’s Board Meeting.  If you are not able to attend the October meeting, arrangements can be made for an alternative interview time, or via phone or video during the meeting time.  All interviews must be completed prior to the November Leader’s Board Meeting.

Little Miss and Little Mister Cloverbud Program

If your youth is in 5K-2nd grade they are eligible to participate in the Trempealeau County 4-H Little Miss and Little Mister Cloverbud Program.  More information about the program can be found on the website HERE.  The below documents are important if you plan to participate in the program, or if you want to learn more details about the program.  Applications to participate in the program are generally due in the beginning of June.

Livestock Project Forms:

New Family Handbook:

Are you a new family to the 4-H program?  Or do you have a new family in your club?  This handbook provides a great resource to new 4-H families so please look it over and share it!

  • New Family Handbook – Revised 8/30/2019
  • For more information if you are a New 4-H Family check out our website HERE

Parent and Leaders Association Forms:

Participating Disc Catalog:

Information can be found HERE.

Record Book Forms:

For more information about Trempealeau County 4-H Record Books check out the website HERE.    Below are the guidelines and forms to help with completing your book, but not the actual pages (the pages can be found on the Record Book website).

Scholarships for Trips:

The Parent and Leaders Association wants to ensure that events, trips, and programs can be attended by all youth and families, regardless of their situation.  The Association has a process to request funds for scholarships to attend trips outside of the county.  The application is found below and is due October 1st to the Trempealeau County Extension Office.  Interviews will be conduct at the October Parent and Leaders Association Meeting.  Meeting date and location can be found HERE.

Shooting Sports

Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Scholarship:

Instructions come out in December on how to apply for the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Scholarship.  The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation awards over $15,000 to youth to support higher learning.