Trempealeau County Alliance for Youth

What is the Trempealeau County Alliance for Youth (TCAFY) all about?

The Trempealeau County Alliance for Youth is a non-profit coalition of local experts with the goal of promoting healthy living and wellness programs for our youth.


Promoting healthy pathways for Trempealeau County youth


To promote positive and healthy lifestyles for youth and families through youth engagement, resource sharing and community collaboration

Goals and Objectives 

1 – Youth Programming

Sharing culturally aware best practices and successful programs as a community of practice around identified focus areas, focusing on mental health and underserved families

  • Mental health/suicide prevention (reducing stigma) including Trauma Informed Care
    • positive community connections
  • Online/digital safety
  • Vaping/drug use
  • Truancy
    • Identify positive personal school connections
    • Address underlying issues causing truancy

2 – Community Outreach

  • Providing meaningful forms to connect in our community through:
    • Community gatherings
    • Digital, print and social media
  • Raise awareness of mental health issues and local services
  • Involve diverse youth as participatory members of the alliance and 

3 – Building Connections

  • Increase membership to include diverse organizations and youth
  • Create connections to other organizations and identify ways to collaborate

What we offer to schools and youth groups:

  • Direct access to interactive programs on many different subjects taught by local experts
  • A way to extend the reach and voice of programs and initiatives through our countywide network
  • Access to relevant and collated local data to provide a comprehensive view of countywide initiatives
  • Connection to other groups with similar goals
  • Annual conferences locally with speakers and collaboration options
  • Funding projects that have shared goals and outcomes

How to reach us:

Facebook –

Email – Chair – Adam Trunzo

Phone – Adam Trunzo – 715-538-3037

Monthly Meetings – Every other even month.  Meetings will be remote via Zoom for the foreseeable future.  To participate in meetings, contact Adam Trunzo at

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